Things to do near Greenwich London

  |   Aug 24, 2016

Only a few minutes from Central London is one of the most historic areas of the city – Greenwich. This was one of the site of the most popular Tudor palaces, where three Tudor monarchs were born – Elizabeth I, Mary I and their father, Henry VIII.

It is an area which has had a tremendous impact worldwide. Not only was it a key site for the British Navy and its trading ships across the century, but it was here that decisions on time were made. Climb up the steep slopes of Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory and you can actually stand on time!  This is the location of the prime meridian as well as the home of Greenwich Mean Time. From a neat line on the earth outside the Observatory, every place in the world is measured from this point.

The Maritime Museum not too far from stylish Via Limehouse hostel London is home to a wonderful collection of objects telling the story of Britain’s maritime history while directly opposite is the glorious Old Royal Naval College built on the site of a former Royal palace. The Painted Hall has been described as the ‘Sistine Chapel of the UK’ with its incredible painted ceiling covering nearly 6,000 sq ft of space. The Old Royal Naval College is frequently used by film makers. It has appeared prominently in films like Les Miserables and various Sherlock Holmes films.

For those wanting a very different experience you can try landing a jumbo jet at the Emirates Aviation Experience. 30 minute sessions in an Airbus fixed base flight simulator allow visitors the opportunity to try to pilot a plane through take off or landing at any airport, time of day or in any weather conditions.  The question is always whether you can land safely – or whether a crash is going to happen. You can find good London youth hostels all over the city, allowing you to pick the one that fits your budget.

Over in the Planetarium, you can explore the mysteries of the universe within a fully immersive dome. Such a facility is well placed here, since Greenwich was the centre of so many astronomical discoveries over the years. Now you can see the birth of a star, or travel into the heart of the sun – experiences that those long ago astronomers would never have dreamt possible.

As the day draws to a close, it is worth climbing up into Greenwich Park and seeing the sun set across this world heritage site containing one of the most picturesque locations in the world. 

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