Star Wars London

  |   Jun 15, 2016


Star Wars may be set in a galactic system far, far away – but this summer London will also be in its sights.

Thousands of fans are set to descend on the ExCeL in Docklands which is just 12 minutes away by train from Via limehouse hostel, for the ultimate fan experience. For the first time since 2008, the Star Wars Convention is coming to the UK.  Taking place in mid July, this is an event that will be filled with entertainment, celebrity appearances including Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil, stage shows, panels, interactive events and screenings.  There will also be countless fans dressed up as Princess Leia’s, Luke Skywalkers, Darth Vaders and Storm troopers.  From saga veterans to young Padawan learners complete with light sabers, Star Wars will be taking over. 

Yet it is not just this convention that links London with Star Wars. Fans have been busily arguing for some time as to which London Underground station featured in the latest trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Given the typical Underground signage, the debates have been loud and long.  Most agree that it is one of the Jubilee Line underground stations, possibly even Canary Wharf Station.  This would be quite apt, since ExCel is located within walking distance of Canary Wharf. Much of the actual filming of Rogue One took place at Pinewood Studios in north London so the appearance of a London Underground station within the trailer is quite likely.

Want to see more of Star Wars while staying in some of the Best Youth Hostels in London ? Visitors to London can visit the Star Wars Experience at Madame Tussauds. This is one of the must see locations for any Star Wars fan.  11 walk in film sets have been created that capture key moments from the films.  This is where you can come face to face with characters like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and even take the controls at the flight deck of the Millenium Falcon.  Alternatively you can discover the world of Cantina, or Tattooine, and explore the throne room of the Death Star. Most recently another iconic character, BB-8 set in a Jakku desert scene has joined the Star Wars line up at Madame Tussauds. 

Some lucky diners may also be able to eat at an immersive Star Wars themed dining experience called The Fork Awakes, that is being launched by Barrel & Forks.  Exact locations have not been released as yet, but the organizers say it will involve ‘unusual and magical’ places!  Among the items on the menu will be smoking light saber cocktails and Tatooine soups!

So, don’t miss the celebration If you are in London this July while enjoying your stay in London youth hostels.

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