Sherlock Holmes London

  |   Mar 21, 2016

Think of Victorian London and one name springs to mind – the most iconic detective of them all, Sherlock Holmes. This is his city, where he solved many of the most dastardly crimes and murders thought up by his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Sherlock Holmes London


Take the Underground to Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes connections are everywhere.  A statue of Sherlock Holmes complete with his pipe, deerstalker and caped coat stands just outside the Underground station.


Most Sherlock Holmes fans head immediately for 221B Baker Street.  This is now a museum, but the house did not actually exist when Doyle began writing the stories!  When Doyle chose Baker Street as the address for his detective, house numbers only went as high as 100, and it was not until much later that Baker Street was extended.  For many years, the Abbey National Building Society occupied 221 Baker Street, and employed a secretary to answer letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes. When the Abbey National moved offices, the local council allowed another building to adopt the number and open as a museum.


Fans of the hit television show Sherlock head for Speedy’s Café, just off Hampstead Road near Euston Station.  Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were frequently filmed here and it is a great place to stop off for lunch or a coffee. You can also find many good London youth Hostels nearby. 


The Langham Hotel near Covent Garden was the site of the famous dinner where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle received a commission to write The Sign of Four.  The hotel also appears frequently in several of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.


Other well known places that appear in the books include the Royal Opera House and the British Museum where Sherlock Holmes often used to go to study in the British Library (which has now moved to a new site). 


Going for a drink in The Sherlock Holmes pub is another essential visit.  Based in Northumberland Street, London, the pub is an atmospheric Victorian building which contains exhibits such as the Great Detective’s living room which were created for the 1951 Festival of Britain. Doyle has Sherlock visiting the pub (then known as the Northumberland Arms) during the Hound of the Baskervilles story. 


Not far away is The Strand which was mentioned in 89 stories while Covent Garden was mentioned in The Blue Carbuncle, and the Criterion Bar where Watson first hears that Sherlock Holmes is looking for someone with whom to share a flat. A plaque now marks the spot.


Further down the river in Greenwich, the spectacular Old Naval College was used as the setting for dramatic scenes within Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. 


Keen Sherlock fans can enjoy walking tours of London with organizations such as Sherlock Walking Tour which takes visitors round a variety of the locations mentioned in the books or appearing in the films and TV series.  This can be a very fascinating way to explore the London of Sherlock Holmes as the tour guides are extremely informative and provide lots of detail and background stories.   

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