Notting Hill Carnival - All set to celebrate a colorful festival

Event   |   Jul 20, 2016

One of the greatest free parties on earth begins on 26 August for two days. The venue – Notting Hill, London.  This is Carnival time, when the streets come alive with the throbbing beat of Caribbean sound. 

The throbbing beat of Caribbean music, along with garage, soco and reggae takes over the entire area along with spectacular costumes, parades and innumerable street parties.  Expect pulsating rhythms, astounding performances, laughter and fun all day and late into the night.

Dress casually or join in the fun with your own sparkling outfits.  Colour, sequins and outrageous designs fit in perfectly.  Be prepared for long walks as public transport quickly becomes overwhelmed and most of the area is cordoned off from cars.  Underground stations such as Notting Hill are frequently closed for short periods due to congestion.

Thousands of people descend on an area just a few miles wide intent on seeing the lavish parades, dancing and having a great party. Over a million people attend the Notting Hill Carnival.  Then there are the performers – over 50,000 of them, both adults and children. For youngsters, there are many backpacker hostels London that can provide the remarkable deals and at the same time located just minutes from lot of city activities.

Wherever you go within the Carnival area, fantastic street food can be found.  Every taste and style of street food will be available and it is a great way to try Caribbean cuisine such as jerk chicken, peas and rice. 

The biggest parade takes place on 27 August, winding its way through the streets for hours on end.  Teams of dancers clad in dramatic, exuberant, colourful costumes accompany the steel bands.  The participants take this parade extremely seriously and start preparing for the next one as soon as this year’s Parade is finished.  Being declared the top band, the top dancers by the judges is extremely prestigious.  So expect dancing that is beyond your wildest dreams.  These are no amateur performances!  It is at its most vivid, most exuberant close to the judges platform – elsewhere a mood of relaxation, and sheer fun dominates.

Check out websites such as Time Out for news of pre and post Carnival parties as there are always lots being held throughout the weekend – and not just in the Notting Hill area.  Parties often spring up in Brixton, Stoke Newington and elsewhere. All this can be exhausting, so simply come back and relax in stunning Via Limehouse hostel.

This is a Carnival to which everyone is welcome. Join in the street parties, watch the parades, be amazed by the costumes and the sheer drama.  With fifty years of Notting Hill Carnival experience, this is set to be an unforgettable weekend for visitors, tourists and locals alike. 

So, If you are coming to London in August month, make sure to cover the carnival week to join the fun? There are several good London youth hostels near to the event to choose from, which add value to your trip. 

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