Antisocial? No problem. Keep it intimate in a cheap 4 bed dorm room

4 bed dorm
  • Comfy beds
  • Clean room
  • Clean linen
  • Cheap price
  • Fun

Want to travel in peace and really get to know all your room-mates; hook up to a 4 bed dorm room.

What's in a 4 bed dorm room?

These dormitory rooms are furnished with stylish bunk beds and its own en-suite bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. Each bunk has individual power and USB sockets.

Looking for the best dorm rooms in London?

Via Lewisham is set in a stunning newly refurbished Grade II listed building, built in the mid-1680s. Seeping with history, it was the residence for the former Major of the Tower of London and Goldsmith University's former student dormitory accommodation in London.

Be wowed by Via Lewisham

This affordable accommodation in London is old-school charm re-vamped. Via Lewisham offers stylish and modern dorm rooms in London. With clean, cutting edge interior-designed spaces that maximise on the cool factor, each piece of furniture custom made to fit the electric rooms of Via Lewisham.

Via Lewisham is ideal student dormitory accommodation in London or perfect for any traveller seeking budget accommodation - independent or in groups. With brand new shared and en-suite rooms, this is a trendy yet safe place to stay in London.

The shared rooms offer shared bathroom facilities near to each room. Each bathroom has shared sinks, private toilets and most importantly private, lockable shower cubicles that let you take a hot shower while feeling secure.

En-suite rooms are private double or twin (2 single bed) rooms, which offer guests the chance to save on the price but still enjoy a luxury room containing private, own bathrooms with toilet, sink and shower - all for your use only.

Chic, cheap hostel rooms in London, why stay anywhere else?
London Via Lewisham: the only way.