Do you know everything about music? Recognise all the intro’s of series or famous movie music? Then YOU! You team up and show it! The winning team get a free round of drinks and a classic dutch snack!

More Forthcoming Events


Arts & Crafts

4th December 2022

19:00 | The Bar

Feeling artsy? Join us by the bar tonight for a painting night! We’ve got you covered with materials and Bob Ross videos.


Games Night

7th December 2022

19:00 | The Bar

Tonight's all about fun and games! Bring your friends to play the best classics, or try a some of our local board games!


Boozy Music Bingo

8th December 2022

18:00 | The Bar

This isn't one of those basic bingo nights. We’ve made it 10000 times better with bonus rounds, free shots and more ;)