friends having lunch in The Dude restaurant

Beer Buckets & Blockbusters

22nd April 2019

18:00 & 21:00 | The Cinema Room.

It's a wrap! Get your ticket at reception for the movie night, we show the latest movies, the classics and everything in between. Show your ticket at the bar for a sweet beer bucket deal!


Story Time! A Twisted Jokes and Stories Open Mic

22nd April 2019

Starts: 20:00 | The Dude Bar

Jokes, embarrassing stories, funny anecdotes. Anything you want to share with us but don’t dare to say? Someone else will! Who wants share a story of another? A 'confidence' shot if you take on the voice!


International Pub Quiz

23rd April 2019

20:30 - 02:00 | The Dude Bar

Internationally themed, the quiz' six rounds consist of an image round, three question rounds and two audio rounds! A bottle of Cava and a bowl of 'bitterballen' for the winners.


Karaoke Special: 80s/90s hits

25th April 2019

20:30 - 00:30 | The Dude Bar

Every week we host a legendary karaoke party. But the last week of the month, we throw a little special! This time we want to hear your favourite 80s/90s hits! Oh, and not to forget, a free 'confidence' shot for anyone willing to sing!


KINGSNIGHT: w/ DJ Alessandro Pirozzi (IT) & DJ El Charro (NL)

26th April 2019

16:00 - 02:00 | The Dude Bar

Via turns orange! Celebrate Kingsnight in the Dude Bar as we lay the foundations of good vibes, party games and a kings cocktail promo!


KINGSDAY: After Party!

26th April 2019

19:00 - 02:00 | The Dude Bar

Via = Orange! Keep on going where you left of. Celebrate Kingsday in the Dude Bar!


Southern Sunday: Keegan McInroe (USA) Live

28th April 2019

Performance starts 20:00. | The Dude Bar

Live music: straight from Houston, Texas, now here with us! Performance starts at 20:00. Serve yourself at the hot dog buffet and pour up a Jack Daniels Cowboy Cocktail Promo. Howdy!


The Via Music Quiz

29th April 2019

20:30 - 23:00 | The Dude Bar

Do you know everything about music? Recognise all the intro's of series or famous movie music? Then YOU *points to you*! You team up and show it! The winning team gets a juicy prize, *wink wink*


Watch CL 1/2 Final – Support & Predict

30th April 2019

Match start 21:00 | The Dude Bar

Come to the Dude Bar to watch and support your team in the Champions League. Predict the outcome right for a sweet pitcher! Also, a burger/beer deal is available from 18:00 for €10,-. The match starts at 21:00.

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